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Charter Guide

What type of yacht can I charter?

Having access to a wide variety of charter yachts, our agents will help you find the right yacht for your adventure. If you love the idea of traditional craftsmanship and sailing with the wind in your hair and salty water spray on your face, a sailing yacht will be a great choice. A motor yacht will appeal to those who love speed and power and expansive accommodation spaces on board. Alternatively, for those who want to explore some hidden from the wide world locations, an explorer yacht might be a more appealing choice.

How long does a charter last?

Most superyacht charters last between 7 and 14 days, with a week being the minimum length of charter. You can enquire with your broker if you would like to extend your charter.

How much does a charter cost?

The price of chartering a superyacht varies on the size of the yacht, the year it was built, the time of the year you would like to charter, cruising area and so on. The charter fee, which is normally presented as a price per week, includes the hire of the yacht and crew, crew provisions and yacht insurance. All other extra expenses are payable in the form of Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA).

What is Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA)?

Advanced Provisioning Allowance, or APA, is an advance payment that covers expenses outside of the charter fee. This includes but is not limited to:- food, fuel, dockage, port fees and taxes.

Is it usually calculated at 25-30% of the charter fee and is paid upfront. Any unspent APA is refunded back to the client upon completion of the charter period.

Can I wear shoes onboard?

Yacht decks are made from teak, which can be easily damaged by heels and heavy shoes. A lot of yachts adopt a ‘bare feet’ policy to protect the flooring. Do check with your yacht broker if boat shoes with soft soles are allowed on board your preferred charter yacht.

Is smoking onboard allowed?

Smoking inside the yacht, including private cabins is prohibited for safety reasons but some yachts do have designated areas for smoking outside on the deck. Make sure to check with your charter agent upon initial enquiry of your preferred charter yacht.

Can I bring my pet on the yacht?

Different countries have different sets of rules on importing pets and required pet documentation, therefore it’s important to inform your agent in advance if you are travelling with a your pet, so they can suggest the most suitable yacht for you to charter.

Can I change the cruise itinerary during charter?

The Captain and crew onboard will do their best to accommodate a change of itinerary, however please be aware that when requesting these changes there will be a number of key factors that will have to be considered.

As an example:- if there is enough fuel on board, availability of a berth in the requested marina, new destination weather conditions.

Do all yachts accommodate for children?

Most superyachts welcome children and have safety measures on board to make a yacht a safe place for children. Some yachts have minimum age restrictions for children, so do ask your agent when you enquire about your preferred yacht to charter. It is recommended that a Nanny for younger children joins your charter as crew will not be available to assist the entire time.

Should I tip the yacht crew?

The crew onboard work incredibly hard to ensure every charter guest has the most unforgettable experience whilst chartering a yacht. It is common practice to tip the crew 10-15% of the charter fee. This tip is normally paid to the Captain at the end of the charter and he or she distributes it fairly between the crew.

What are the most popular places to charter?

Whether you want to go off the beaten track and visit some ‘secret locations’ only accessible by boat like Navagio Beach in Greek Zakynthos, snorkel in the Caribbean or Bahamas, explore UNESCO World Heritage sites along the Adriatic coast or pamper yourself on a wellness charter, our charter agents will help you craft the ocean adventure of your dreams.

How far in advance do I need to book a charter?

To get the best superyacht to suit your needs, we advise to book as early as possible, 6 to 9 months in advance as a guideline, especially if you’re booking for the high season (Christmas, New Year or the peak Mediterranean summer season for the months of July & August). If you’re looking for a last minute charter, our agents will endeavour to find the best available yacht to cater for your needs.

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