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New Zealand & Australia

New Zealand, Australia

October - March

With over 50,000km of coastline linked by more than 10,000 beaches and its crystal waters, Australia really offers  unrivalled experiences for any luxury yacht charter. Whether you immerse yourself in the proud Aboriginal heritage trekking around majestic Uluru or spotting wildlife in tropical rain forests you can always leave the life down under and venture into it’s Cosmopolitan cities like Sydney and Melbourne which  will entice you with thriving dining and arts scenes, while world-class vineyards abound.

Sail across the waters to one of Australia’s neighbouring countries and encounter glaciated mountains, steaming volcanoes and lush forests. New Zealand offers the adventurous a vast array of ecological playgrounds to explore including their 14 National Parks. Māori enclaves display deep native heritage, idyllic vineyards produce world-class wines, and vibrant dining and arts scenes thrive in cities like Auckland and Wellington.

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